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images aratea v comelec digestive advantage

LarrazabalPhil. Nuisance candidacy, by itself, is a special situation that has merited its own independent provision that calls for the denial or cancellation of the COC if the bases required by law are proven; thus, it shares the same remedy of cancellation for material misrepresentation on the eligibility requirements. In Munder v. Penned by Commissioner Armando C. Clair Ry. The dissenting opinions place the violation of the three-term limit rule as a disqualification under Section 68 as the violation allegedly is "a status, circumstance or condition which bars him from running for public office despite the possession of all the qualifications under Section 39 of the LGC. It bears emphasizing that in terms of effect, a judgment on a petition to cancel a COC touches the very eligibility of a person to qualify as a candidate such that an order for cancellation of his COC renders him a non-candidate as if he never filed a COC at all.

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  • Aratea v. Commission On Elections (Philippines) Crimes

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    Aratea v Comelec Commission On Elections (Philippines) Crimes

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    Commission on The petition asserts that the COMELEC issued the Resolution and Order The requirement for a final judgment ultimately redounds to the benefit of the.
    The pertinent provisions of the Revised Penal Code are as follows: Art. On the other hand, the grounds for disqualification refer to acts committed by an aspiring local servant, or to a circumstance, status or condition which renders him unfit for public service.

    A verified petition seeking to deny due course or to cancel a certificate of candidacy may be filed by the person exclusively on the ground that any material representation contained therein as required under Section 74 hereof is false.

    images aratea v comelec digestive advantage

    Unless a candidate has officially changed his name through a court approved proceeding, a certificate shall use in a certificate of candidacy the name by which he has been baptized, or if has not been baptized in any church or religion, the name registered in the office of the local civil registrar or any other name allowed under the provisions of existing law or, in the case of a Muslim, his Hadji name after performing the prescribed religious pilgrimage: Provided, That when there are two or more candidates for an office with the same name and surname, each candidate, upon being made aware of such fact, shall state his paternal and maternal surname, except the incumbent who may continue to use the name and surname stated in his certificate of candidacy when he was elected.

    As this Court held in Fermin v.

    images aratea v comelec digestive advantage
    Aratea v comelec digestive advantage
    Viewed from the prism of the general distinctions between eligibility and disqualification discussed above, the three-term limit is unavoidably a restriction that applies only to local officials who have served for three consecutive terms, not to all would-be candidates at large; it applies only to specific individuals who may have otherwise been eligible if not for the three-term limit rule and is thus a defect that attaches only to the candidate.

    Any public office that the convict may be holding at the time of his conviction becomes vacant upon finality of the judgment, and the convict becomes ineligible to run for any elective public office perpetually.

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    As an exceptional situationhowever, the candidate with the second highest number of votes second placer may be validly proclaimed as the winner in the elections should the winning candidate be disqualified by final judgment before the electionsas clearly provided in Section 6 of R. Radijska Postaja Koprivnica. Prescinding from the foregoing premises, Lonzanida, for having served as Mayor of San Antonio, Zambales for more than three 3 consecutive terms and for having been convicted by a final judgment of a crime punishable by more than one 1 year of imprisonment, is clearly disqualified to run for the same position in the May Elections.

    Ergo, since respondent was never a candidate for the position of Mayor, San Antonio, Zambales, the votes cast for him should be considered stray votes. Rodolfo alleged that Lonzanida made a material misrepresentation in his COC by stating that he was eligible to run as Mayor of San Antonio, Zambales when in fact he has already served for four 4 consecutive terms for the same position, in violation of Section 8, Article X of the Constitution and Section 43 b of R.

    EFREN RACEL ARA TEA, Petitioner, vs.

    COMMISSiON ON ELECTIONS and or disqualification should occur between the day before the election and . Jr., unwarranted benefits and advantage because the subject certification, which was .

    Aratea v. Commission On Elections (Philippines) Crimes

    for class reading · the Comelec has no discretion to give or not to gi e hold. 'With Duterte son as member, NUP very formidable' By Maricel V. Cruz THE In a page decision, the poll body cited its previous ruling on Aratea vs. COMELEC which canceled the certificate of candidacy of a certain Romeo will benefit both countries, issues of conflict, issues of cooperation, issues of.

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    talent in the area or the level of industry-related. candidacy (COC) with the Comelec main office that the Aratea and Latasa cases cited by Topa- . we all benefit from it.


    gi, wearing the journalist's clothes, exiting the.
    Section 68 is explicit as to the proper grounds for disqualification under said Section.

    Anti polo, the "second placer" in the elections for the mayoralty post in San Antonio, Zambales, should be seated as Mayor. It anchored its ruling in the pronouncement we made in Labo, Jr. During the interim period, the May election was held and Lonzanida received the highest number of votes and was proclaimed winner. John Sy.

    images aratea v comelec digestive advantage
    Aratea v comelec digestive advantage
    Under Article 30 of the Revised Penal Code, temporary absolute disqualification produces the effect of "deprivation of the right to vote in any election for any popular elective office or to be elected to such office.

    I submit that while simple and efficient, essential legal considerations should dissuade the Court from using this approach. Pivotal in the ascertainment of the timeliness of the Dilangalen petition is its proper characterization.

    images aratea v comelec digestive advantage

    In these lights, the three-term limit rule — as a bar against a fourth consecutive term — is effectively a disqualification against such service rather than an eligibility requirement.

    Read Free For 30 Days. We further declared that with our ruling in Ferminwe had already rejected the claim that lack of substantive qualifications of a candidate is a ground for a petition for disqualification under Section A notable exception to this general rule is the rule on substitution.

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