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It is a medium format legend that many a photographer have gotten aroused at the thought of owning one. Mount see all. The Contax has removable film backs. As a full-time and professional wedding photographer, I am really keen to revert from digital to film, but must admit I have been nervous because I have heard much on the reliability of the Pentax About The Author. This is a pro camera and offers everything in a very direct and convenient manner. Some common aperture designations you might find on eBay are:. Make Offer - Contax mm f2. I thought the price was fair and the camera works perfect.

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  • The Contax is a medium-format film camera exclusively designed for serious and professional photographers.​ The camera utilizes in-lens motors and is compatible with a wide range of Carl Zeiss lenses.​ 8 # -Contax Medium Format SLR Film Camera Body with Distagon 45mm F2. Mamiya Sekor C E 70mm f/ Lens for Mamiya m s Pro.​ Contax 35mm f Zeiss Distagon AF Lens Excellent.​ Contax mm f Zeiss Sonnar AF Lens Excellent.

    The Contax is regarded as one of the best film medium format bodies ever created.

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    It's an AF (Autofocus) SLR camera designed to shoot incredible lenses on the 6xcm format. phone sales & service will be closed during Thanksgiving.
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    This is one great camera! For Mamiya. The lower the number, the faster the lens can perform. Content provided for informational purposes only. Yes; you can find available accessories here.

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    The focusing is manual, I actually prefer that because I control the point of focus rather than waiting and hoping autofocus will get my subject correctly.

    Note that fast lenses may be more expensive than their slower counterparts. So when the opportunity arose to take one out for a spin for the weekend, I felt like a fat kid in a cake store.

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    What lenses can the accept? This was really helpful. Trending Price New.

    I am selling my Contax camera and accessories. I hate to part but I find with advancing age I am not using it any more.

    This is a wonderful camera and has. Detailed information on the Contax medium format film camera.

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    Contax Rental. Contax | Rentals | Sales The Contax is a medium format, single-lens reflex (SLR) camera that produces a 6cm x cm negative. It takes standard. Camera Geekery: Contax The Contax requires no introduction.

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    It is a medium format legend that many a photographer have gotten.
    We only permit the use of Varta Professional 2CR5 batteries to be used in our cameras. For Fujifilm. All Auction Buy It Now. Some focal lengths you'll find on eBay are:.

    images contax 645 cameras sale

    Make Offer - Contax 45mm f2.

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    Hernando [ gottanikoncamera on November 2, at pm. We only permit the use of Varta Professional 2CR5 batteries to be used in our cameras.

    To this day, it is considered one of the premier systems in all of medium format photography. Manufactures display this setting as the letter "f" followed by a whole or decimal number. Manual - You can use your own judgment to bring a subject into focus with this setting.

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      The camera allows you to meter in both matrix and spot metering, via a switch on top of the prism.